About Us

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Our Covenant

We the members of Saugatuck Congregational Church acknowledge and celebrate the tangible presence of God in our lives as revealed in Jesus Christ. We recognize that loving faithfulness to God is best manifested in our loving faithfulness to one another and our earth… [ Read more... ]

Our Vision

A Community of Christ
Welcoming All People
Learning to Love and Serve
God and Neighbor

Our Open & Affirming Statement

We, the members of Saugatuck Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, believe that all people are created in the spiritual image of God, and that God's love and grace are given to all. Therefore, in accordance with our Vision Statement, we welcome anyone who seeks God into the fellowship, worship, and work of this church without regard to their race, ancestry, age, physical or mental ability, gender, sexual orientation, social and economic status or religious background.

Our Staff

  • Music Director & Alleluia Choir Director, Dr. Heather Hamilton
  • Youth Leaders for the High School Group, Michael Hendricks and Kim Mathias
  • Youth Leaders for the High School Group, Khaliq Sanda and Olivia Crosby

Our History

The life of The Saugatuck Congregational Church, which covers a span of 180 years, reveals a story of a community of faith which seeks to give God glory. It is an enduring record of dedicated individuals.

It began in 1830 when our village, named Saugatuck (meaning "mouth of the tidal river") was but a part of Fairfield, Norwalk, and Weston — the towns from which Westport would be carved in 1835. Saugatuck was a busy, flourishing community; a shipping port for the produce from surrounding farms, which was... [ Read more… ]